Group tricks and such

With such a big group of us here (HMC), unicycling in packs is alot of fun. We
have found that linking hands on unis adds a bit of stability to the group (up
to six unics, once) so that we can do unique things.

Recently, five of us linked up in a line all going the same way and chased a car
into a dead-end. Lotsa fun! Coralling Toyotas may be a new Uni sport.

A more socially acceptable form of linking happens when two unics, coming from
opposite ends of a cement pad, for example, link hands and begin orbiting a
central point. With just two, we can do things like stopping, pivoting,
switching hands, and continuing in the opposite direction, switching one unic
off onto another waiting partner, so that they do a quick figure eight and
stabilize in an rbit around a new point, etc.

We have experimented with groups of more than two, also. When a third joins a
stable group of two, the middle person immediately stops, and pivots purely by
the force coming in through both of his/her arms. When a fourth joins (such that
the unics look like this from above: ^-^-v-v) the previously-middle man begins
traveling again.

We once got a pinwheel like this going: ^-^-^-o-v-v-v (i.e. three one direction,
one standing in the center (no uni) and three the other direction). The forces
on the middle man here become very intense. (believe me, I was it!) In this
particular case, it was the forces and slippery arms that did the pinwheel in.
Keeping the middle guy off a uni was the only way we got it to work.

Finally, we have experimented with pinwheels with three and four radial arms.
When you grab on wrists, thumbs, etc, the forces begin to cause a little pain,
so we though of using a soft rubber ring to hold onto. A length of rope was the
only thing close, so we tied a loop and all grabbed onto it. It seems to work
well, though we haven’t tried it with a full contingent, like 6 or 8 people.

Any other ideas for a group of unics to try? We are by no means bored yet,
but we are always looking for ideas. Afterall, we could be doing homework
instead. <ick!>

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