Group ride in London/Surrey/Oxshott? soon some weekend?

hi all, just wondering if any of you living near or around Surrey, would like to come together for a group ride in a place like London (big ben area), Oxshott woods for Muni/wood trials, wherever. I really want this to be more a social gathering of unicyclists rather than a serious full on trials ride or something. Depending on how many of you would be interested, we can ride either London or Oxshott common on a weekend after BUC. I was hoping like a London trials gathering again, but id be up for assing around in some woods too.

I hope none of you get put off if you ride stuff like big Munis, itd still be fine for a trials session in london. For now, there is no definite date, but itll be set for a weekend that suits most people after BUC.

Myself, Joe Hodges (UDC trials rider), and 2 other trials friends will be available for either London or Oxshott common. Mike penton, gkmac, domesticated ape, you guys up for it?

thanks for reading, hope you come along :slight_smile:

I live da’an sa’ath so I might be interested in coming up to this, i like the idea of a social no pressure fun day out. Definitely pencil me in, i’ll look forward to hearing more

yeah definitely, what I don’t like is people like Muni riders thinking its a waste of time for them to ride in an urban area, with us trials riders. However big the wheel is, I bet anyone can have fun in a social ride like this. Anyway, itd be good as we can all learn something from eachother, I personally wouldn’t mind learning how to ride down super super steep stuff off a Muni’er, at the same time teach someone to sidehop high…

Even if you’ve just got into the sport, or don’t do a lot of trials, come along anyway, we’re always eager to get to know more people near us.

Personally, i’d rather ride in london, around the Waterloo-Liverpool St. station stretch. Theres plenty for anyone of any discipline to do there, (i bet you Muni riders will find some fun!).

I would like to, but I do have exams soon so I am not sure.


I’m definitely interested, I don’t usually ride trials but it would be fun to try it, especially if it was in London. I’m busy on the 27th and 28th of May, but apart from that I could go pretty much whenever.

Edit: Sponge when you say the Waterloo to Liverpool Street area does that include South Bank and the Shell Centre?

I’d be interested, I could get the train down from Oxford for trials in London. I think I’m free after the weekend of the 20th.

domesticated ape, yeah if we do ride London its gonna include the famous biketrials spots like Shell Centre, Southbank, St.Pauls, Tate blocks, and many more that Joe Hodges forgot to show you guys last London sesh!

Well, tbh, its still early days, so theres no definite date, I’m gonna see how many more people are interested and then see exactly what date is best for most people. I’m thinking if not one of these coming weekends, then sometime like halfterm or so.

still waiting for loosemoose and mike penton to post :roll_eyes: .

EDIT: for all you Muni riders, trials is much easier than you think, won’t be impossible to turn you guys into big sidehoppers and gappers :stuck_out_tongue: If you’ve got the guts to bomb down huge slippery hills at breakneck speed, then trials is really nothing to be afraid of!

bump :roll_eyes:

Defo up for Oxshott for Muni and trials. London’s a bit of a mish for me.


If you can make it to Oxshott, then London is not too far away, just catch a train with me and Joe Hodges (who apparantly came first with Yoggi at BUC trials!).

good things come to those who wait!
I’ll check the diary and post back later

Exams finish 12th june, after that, ok. Up for more muni than trials ATM due to SSMM24 commitment & training, but any social riding will be good. Hopefully it won’t rain this time, and we can actually find the good stuff Joe wandered around looking for last time :p. Oxshott is easy to get to from soton, but then so’s london so its whatever gets the most votes. I’ve not done group muni for a while and would like to see what Oxshott is like.


alrite guys, Joe Hodges here using sponge’s account. I’d rather ride London on a sunday to be honest, there’s just so much to do there and since Sponge rides trials with his other bike trials people in London, he’ll know many more good spots than I do. Oxshott’s good fun, but not as good as London for a social ride.

London, there’ll be everything for everyone, even if you stubborn Muni riders dont think u can do any street or trials, then we’ll have to teach u some :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice to see you come up here Swarbrim, could bring amanda and the rest too, I’d be up for seeing some freestylists too. :wink:


Hey Joe,

Erm u n Steve are in surrey aren’t ya

cos im up in Kingston for a festival on 29th may or sumin like that
are you lot any where near there

Joe lives in Kingston. The trials there is awesome.


what & where? (asks Mr Nosey)

Just checked my dates… and 29th im on halfterm luckily, so me and Joe would deffo be up for Kingston on like the 29th. Would be cool if you could come down Mike, good footage and pictures to be taken there. Steve lives quite a bit away from me and Joe, but he could make it too.

But anyway, on the topic of London I think maybe on the 28th May sunday? Just a suggestion, but just say if its not a good date for you…

I cant come that date, but I will come down sometime after my exams and I said I would see Steve and Joe.


P.S I said I would land a triple flip by then, I dont think I will…

28th is best for me because we are doing an event in canbury gardens on the 29th but we will be up there from saturday i would have thought till monday night or maybe tuesday but the 28th which is a sunday would be best for me, do any of you have msn so we can chat about it there, if yyou do add

28th May is a no go for me, way too close to university exams. It’ll be after the 12th of june before I’m free.