[Group Ride] Chicago meet up ride august 08

Youtube (watch in higher quality)

I was editing this nice but then the software froze and I had to start the editing over and I got discouraged and just did a basic edit. I’m also realizing I missed a couple clips and maybe should have put in some of the questionable ones. There was also a lot of other stuff we did but it didn’t get filmed but don’t blame us cause its better to be having fun unicycling then just filming (filming is fun though).
Forum members in this vid: groundzero, any terrain, surfer1024. xccrev was there but had to leave early and we didn’t get any clips of him and the guy in the orange shirt (I forgot his name:o ) is not on the forums.

(fakie flip 3 set: I don’t know where that clip went but you’ll have to trust me that I did it.)

That was a great ride! Too bad I couldn’t stay afterwards. We definitely have to get another ride sometime in the future!

That was pretty cool.Enjoyed watching it :sunglasses:

sweet vid! keep it up :)!

Tight video!!! Keep up the good work!



A fun ride. And as zero said, we got to get another ride in sometime.

Great video.

Hard to tell who was who, but I knew immediately that the rail grind to varialflip was zack.

You are amazing kid. I hope you never quit.

Tight vid.

Red shirt & white shin guards=zero
Lightblue shirt, jeans, red gloves (& white hat)=me
orange shirt=torsten (sp?)
Blue shirt & round frame=Zack

Good video.

The song, however, convinced me that being deaf can’t be so bad.

lol, sry you didn’t like the music.

lol, sry you didn’t like the music.

Its just a wrinkle on your forehead now.

Good vid. I wish it were a bit longer.

Same here. I only recognized Zack because of his frame.

I figured them out because Zach did the grind, and no terrain always talks about his weird unispin combos and he did a 90 90 180 so I figured it was him
I liked the music
Good vid

Where did Zack get his frame? Is it still in stock?


He got it on sale from UDC. They still have the United, but it’s got 40 mm bearing surfaces and I have no idea if it’s as strong as the Nimbus.

I think they may have been discontinued, but UDC UK still has them.