Group muni ride movie...

Four of us went out on our second group muni ride yesterday and once again had a great time. Gary couldn’t make it, but Philip came along for his first ever muni ride. Everyone did really well and I took along my camera and made a little movie. The riding, filming and editing isn’t spectacular but there are a few interesting bits in there.

There movie can be found in the “My Movies” album of:

Size: 5.00MB
Length: 3m44s
Music: Ben Harper - Mama’s Trippin’
Riders: Rockley Boothroyd, James Boothroyd, Philip Adams, and I.


Nice funky feel, Andrew! I like that you mixed in the cleans with the biffs and equipment failure. That big log looks pretty intimidating! And nice riding, you guys, on those downhill roots.

Thanks. Next time I go out to Mt. Cootha with my muni, I’ll try to continue along the log instead of droopping off. That ashy bit was pretty slippery though.

I’m not at all proud of bending my hub and cranks. Now I have to get a new set. When that’s done, I’ll stick to freestyle on the 20"uni. I’m currently saving for a GP 20" Standard trials uni.


Wow, great video! That looks a great place to ride.

How did you do the chase-cam bits, following a rider down the hill? It was very smooth… very little wobbling from a running or riding person.

Riding on your tod certainly lacks that certain je ne sais quois that is apparent in abundance in that video…


Thanks Phil. The follow cam was done by me holding the camera in one hand and riding behind Philip. It worked out best if I only used the one hand. Mt. Cootha is really great for all different styles of muni.


Nice one Andrew!
I’ll have to come up to brisvegas and have a ride with you guys - looks like a nice spot.
My arm is totally (sort of) healed now, so I’ve been going hard at it around the place.

That log at the end looks pretty awesome … and I would have liked to have seen you make it down those roots backwards (was that your intention? seemed like you made it a few strokes before biffing)

You’ll definately have to join us some day. Give a bit of warning and I could even arrange Wayne van Wijk and some other Brisbane unicyclists to join in…and maybe Simon Wells. That’s good news about the arm. Now you have to go out and take some photos…I want to see what your area is like for muni.

I only tried the backwards muni once but I should’ve kept at it because it was good fun. It’s such a strange feeling, you should give it a go.

Wow, in the last 59 hours I’ve had 5 hours of sleep. That’s senior graphics for you!