Group in Washington, DC?

I’d like to find a unicycling group in the Washington, DC Metro area. Does anyone know of one? I actually live in DC (Glover Park) and would like to find a group that’s within the beltway. I’ve found information on Fredericksburg Jugglers and Unicyclers, but that’s pretty far away.

Thanks! :smiley:

Send a message to joejumps4fun. He used to head a group that met sometimes in the D.C. area.

If you are looking to ride off-road (muni), there’s Claude (munimag) and myself in the Gaithersburg MD area. There are TONS of muni-friendly trails in this area.

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South of DC is JimmyTheChimp and myself riding muni at Rosaryville, Cedarville and a few other places.

We even hang out with Chuck and Claude occasionally (we’re not worthy- pax and JTC that is) and kraM is on the Eastern shore.

Kahunacohen is probably the most DC based active rider that I know of. There are a few other riders unknown to me out there who don’t appear to be active on the forums-but other mtb riders ask about them.

What do you like to ride?

I pm’d joejumps4fun a couple of three years ago but never heard anything.

JTC briefly was aware of a few DC street riders. A guy called DJ said hi last weekend as I was riding locally on the 36 and said he was a unicyclist. Not sure if be was local or just visiting- appeared to be a Maryland plate on the car he cruised by in.


I forgot to mention there’s a fellow in D.C. (north west) who rides street (or used to ride) on a 36er because I bought it off of him: Julius Dupree. That was a year ago and I’m not sure of his current whereabouts. He is associated with Lone Wulf Unicycles (I think he’s a owner/partner).

Greetings from the Eastern Shore, way outside the Beltway. I’ve ridden muni with Marylanders paxuni, jimmythechimp, haskinsc and munimag, and I wouldn’t be completely against riding with a Washingtonian.

I am in Silver Spring MD, a few miles from DC. I ride with Claude, Jimmy The Chimp, Chuck etc when I can (muni), but don’t get to it too much because of family commitments (small children etc). I ride with that group maybe once every few months. Great bunch of guys.

I ride a bunch on road, around town, to work and back etc. There are some nice trails right near me and one in Fairland that I ride with Jeff. I also am up for some rides on the Sligo Creek trail, esp. when I am pressed for time, because I live right off of it. I just got a 36, so I am pretty into pavement riding at the moment.

Thanks! Seeking beginner help

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I’m a beginner; I got a Torker LX-20 20" some time back and have been trying for several months to get up, but no luck. My plan was to find a friendly group in DC to help me learn. I’ll try your suggestions and see if that helps.


You are welcome to come up my way. I can take a look and probably help you. There’s also the university of md juggling club which probably has unicyclists, most juggling clubs do and it’s a pretty well known club. Send me a pm if you need help.

I’m looking for a group around the DC area that would be interested in riding. I mainly do street riding around Arlington and have a 24" Torker LX. Hit me up if you’d be interested in meeting up sometime.

Most of the guys mentioned, including myself, ride on the road too. But mostly on 36ers. We more often get together to do muni, but I’ve seen a few group rides on 36ers. I’ve yet to be able to join them for the 36 rides. Let us know when you want to ride.

What’s your experience?

I’ve been unicycling for about 6 months, but have gotten pretty decent and can do road riding without a problem. It would be hard for me to keep up with 36ers on my 24 as far as road riding goes. I never tried muni, but wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a whirl if you wouldn’t mind a newbie joining sometime. January is a busy month for me, but I’d be down for meeting up in Feb if you all are planning to meet up.

Absolutely. Let us know when you are ready. Post on here, most of us check the list often.

Welcome to the forums, uniwookie!

We’re certainly up for having someone join us on a group muni ride. I mainly just ride muni and road (and trying to learn some trials skills) myself, so I don’t have any experience with street riding.

Just curious… how badly might one be tased if they decided to unicycle around the mall?

I go to DC from time to time and I’ve wanted to do this. The trails rider in me would make me gravitate toward things. If trials would just end in my bullet riddled corpse I would still be interested in bumping it down to a DC unicycling tour. Beats walking.

Hope to see all the DC area folks at Douthat, I know several of you are regulars and already coming. It’s a good time.


You’d probably be fine riding around on the mall–there’s always a ton of runners and bikers around there. I haven’t ridden there myself but I’ve seen a few videos of people doing it. You might get in a bit more trouble if you start hopping up the steps of the Capitol building or getting too close to the White House. Also not sure whether they’d let you bring your uni into any of the museums…as tempting as riding among the dinosaurs sounds :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I didn’t imagine that they’d allow a uni in a museum… if it’s hot I may be tempted to ride right up the middle of the reflecting pool though. :wink:

From what I understand they don’t even allow model boats in the reflecting pool these days, so I assume no tricking off the lip into the pool for me.

I’ve been through all the museums enough times over the years, it would be neat to take a tour of DC on the uni though - I’ve never done that before. The last time I went I remember my feet hurting a lot. A uni would let me zip around a lot quicker… maybe do some stairs if it is apparent no one is looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Found some rules for bikes:

I’m sure they extend to unis.

I may try to make it back up that way when the weather gets warmer. My wife and I got married in DC so we make the occasional trip up.

I’ve ridden my bike around the mall and it’s pretty fun, just a lot of dodging people. It’s nice to cover so much ground and to spare your feet. It may be better to uni around there from a dodging people perspective. I’m planning to take a trip around the mall when the weather warms up. I expect some great comments from people, similar to my ride around colonial Williamsburg last month.

The weather is warming up and I was thinking of taking a ride around the mall. Anyone interested in meeting up on Sunday? I realize it is Easter, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. I have a 24" and a 36" and can bring either.