Group in NoVa?

Are there any big groups/clubs in Northern Virginia, specifically near Leesburg? I don’t really know of any decent places to ride, or, for that matter, any people who can ride better than me.

Hey, I am from the Fairfax area. There are a few riders in the area and every now and then we meet up. What type of riding do you do?

PM me your email and I’ll have Joey add you to his mailing list for the area. It has been cold so not many people have been keen on doing meet ups. I mostly do distance riding and muni, but there are riders here that are into everything. The W&OD trail goes through Leesburg, so I go through that relative area a lot.


hey i’m in richmond, and once the weather gets a little bit armer we should start doing meeet ups and rides again. because most of the group is from either dc or maryland we usually travel north to ride(usually like charlottesville). i ride mostly street and trials, but whenever we meet there’s usually something for every style of rider to enjoy.

Yea i live in southern maryland so thats not to far. It would be cool to meet up.

I just started rididng early in January, but I’m really interested in trials. I’ll have a car and my license soon, probably sometime next month, so I’ll finally be able to go places. I’d really like to meet some of you guys who’ve been riding for years and can give me some tips. I’ve got my new uni coming in the mail, a Nimbus trials uni with a nice, big, springy, low pressure wheel :smiley: Also, cold? This isn’t cold! I’ve been riding around in jeans and a t-shirt all winter! Warmer weather would be nice, though…

awesome dude, yea just keep your eyes out on the forums and sooner or later you’ll see something about a meet up in the dc area. i’d love to see you there, it’d be nice to have another trials rider to play around with. lol

Well, you’d be teaching/showing off at first :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’d be able to get decent at it pretty quickly, though. Hopefully, see you IRL soon!

Got your PM, Joey will add you to the mailing list.