Group for Women -- even "older" women?

I’m browsing around. I see this Community has groups. Is there a group for women? Is there a group for older riders? Could we create one?

OK. I figured out how to search for groups. And then I figured out how to create one. So now there is a group for Women, because I’d like to hear more specifically from my unicycling Gal Pals.

I had no idea this site had a groups function!

Anyway, Heidi, do you do Facebook too? Because you got me thinking of setting up a worldwide Women’s unicycling group on Facebook.

So you got me thinking… I started a Facebook group called “Female Unicyclists!”

Would love more members :slight_smile:

I see the group, but how do I get into it?
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The Facebook group I created just now:


Nice idea - though it’s such a niche sport that I wonder how necessary it is to split ourselves even more. But I guess that’s me being European.

If you check the most active FB uni group, you’ll find a couple of women who are not often here - if at all. Lynnette and Renee are the first that come to mind.

Would you believe I was a member of that page, somehow got dismembered and then it took an eternity (like… maybe 2 months) to be added back in? That was frustrating, and I’ve only recently been added back in.

The advantages of Facebook though are that you get much better picture sharing and video sharing, and maybe the common language understanding might be a bit better on Facebook.

Absolutely. Yes. This site is awfully quirky. Lots of great info … but hard to search to access. Groups cannot even have a category.

Thanks for taking it to FB, Gockie!

I sent you an invitation! (Check your messages, I suppose?) But under the tab that says Community, you can select Social Groups. Groups are there.

It’s a sort of clunky interface. Best I can tell this site was created about 25 years ago. Really pretty amazing what is here. If I had only known back in 1995 when I started unicycling as an adult / mom. (My first phase of unicycling was as a kid.)

Yes, you sent a friend-invitation, and I answered it. I can also find the group under community, but not how to join as a member.

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It does seem like a step backwards in all of this “acceptance” age of forum, internet, general life practice.

I’m interested in what people have to say about unicycling. “People” meaning everyone.

I will continue to support this site as it’s been very valuable to me for the information sharing that I want to take part in.

It does seem a shame to splinter even further though.

There is also a 40+ unicyclist facebook group. They started this group because most youngsters talk about trials / street tricks, which older (I don’t say “old”) peeps are less interested in.

I don’t see the point of creating a separate women-unicyclist group. If there is any difference between riding for men and riding for women it should be discussed on a mixed forum like this one, so we can all learn about it.
Btw Gockie, I requested to join your group. Already 36 members, that was very fast. Congrats.

Hi Setonix,
I really like your posts but some women feel much happier to post if guys won’t be reading it!
We are very much a minority, so forums tend to be very much a male place, and I think some gals will be more open to posting knowing it’s a female only space.
And we can talk about lady issues :astonished:
Hope to meet you in Grenoble :slight_smile:

ur right, I don’t want to know about lady issues :astonished:

some people like me would rather go in hell than having a facebook account (old story about the way the thing is -badly- implemented :angry: )
so I tried to create a “mature” unicyclists group (“Old Geezers On One Wheel”) here but failed miserably :frowning: (don’t know why)
though I would like to create a group “opened” to others, we (“old geezers”) have specific problems :smiley: (ok some are gender-specific but we are not going to talk about that :D)


Most older women would not describe themselves as geezers. :sunglasses:

sorry not a native speaker :o what is correct “Geezeress”? :smiley:
is there a word that encompasses both gender?

I suppose we all are native speakers, but not neccessarily in English! :sunglasses:

Med venlig hilsen (best regards),