Group Coker ride in Tumwater WA

I’m planning a Coker ride Sunday January 23rd (rain or shine)10 AM. I’d be happy to have folks join me. We’ll have some home made pizza after the ride. Drop me a note for directions to my humble abode.

My wife will provide a support vehicle if the going gets tough.

We will be leaving my place at 10 AM. 13 Mile route including Capital Campus, around Capital Lake. Unicycle route to Woodard Bay and back Via the Capital Campus. 25 mile

To quote one of the great Philosophers of our time (John Foss). One unicyclist is just a kook on a unicycle, two unicyclists is two kooks on unicycles, three unicyclists is a happening.

JD Miller
Tumwater WA
near Olympia WA on the upper left hand corner of your US map. This is a blatant ad for a house concert at my home. Nonprofit, all the money goes to the artist.