Group challenge thread, beginner/intermediate


I thought of a new game today based on OTG for all disciplines. Here are the new rules, they are very simple: Everyone in the game will post any trick/line they want. You then have a given time to complete as many challenges as you can. At the end of the time limit the player with the most challenges completed is the winner. If it is a tie the game will go into a second round.
Just post you name and challenge and we will start when there is enough players.

Also I need suggestions on the time limit.

Good idea, that sounds like fun. I’ll join!
As far as the challenge, do you want us to post what trick to do or actually a video that shows us doing it?

I think either way is fine, if you have your own goal you can post it or if you want to challenge others you can post a video of something you can already do.

Totally forgot about this thread. It does sound kind of fun. anyone wanna play?

Im keen but im pretty beginner. Thats ok though, ill just lose and hopefully learn a few new things on the way :slight_smile: time frame maybe a month?

Sounds fine, 3 weeks to a month is what I was thinking. Maybe after a few more people join we can start by each naming 5 tricks. Anyone can join late they just will have less time.

Sounds like fun. How difficult of tricks are you talking? I am just learning idling, hopping and riding backwards. Fifty idles left foot and 35 idles right foot are my record now. Ten hops and 10 rotations backwards are my best yet. What are the parameters for the tricks?

It can be whatever you want. This game is just a good chance to be motivated to push yourself.