Gross photos of what unicycling does to your taint

Wow. Check it out in the “external genitallia” article.

argggggh wtf makes me want to invest in a cup.

That is so gross dude :astonished:
Seams that al the distance riders are save though

lol omg thats so gross.Is that actually real ? They cant be very good at unicycling if 3 unicycle bastards have had that

Im assuming thats from an impact and not just prolonged regular riding?
My junk has taken a beating on bikes for years and that has never happened.

Ive only had a uni for a day, should I stay away or just get a good pair of jock undies and a cup?

Regular riding is fine and yes it must have beena huge impact.Us street and trials riders sometimes land on our nuts hard but i dont see how those muni riders managed to do that to themselves.Pain normally doesnt last that long.

Dudes, it’s a joke.

Hope so, I just about canceled my new Uni Order after almost vomiting.

I think thats pretty clear from the title. Were you expecting pictures of cute little bunnies?

<But you can’t afford a Hunter or KH Egocycle and you can’t justify yet another damn unicycle to your poor beleaguerd spouse or bank account, right?>

Lol! These guys should work for the “Onion”! :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably should still cancel it.

Sometimes while I’m having sex it feels like my left testicle is being sucked up into my abdomen on climax. I’ve witnessed it having left the sack on several occasions. The worst part is when you can feel it being pushed back down into its place - though at the same time its somewhat relieving to know it didn’t get stuck up there. This never happened before I started unicycling, nor is it a joke.

I guess the Unicycle Bastards have answered the question of how you can promote your local unicycle club and not have to worry about babysitting little kids!

I guess the Unicycle Bastards have answered the question of how you can promote your local unicycle club and not have to worry about attracting lots of kids if you want to keep it for the grown-ups!

Picture please

Hey, yes! Can you send us a picture of this condition, preferrably while getting it, on and we will post on the UB website with the other injuries.

I’ll see what I can do, but taking a photograph is the last thing I’m thinking of in a situation like that.

You bastards!:slight_smile:

Lmao thats probably one of the best banners ever!!! I love it!



Lmao, how could you think those pictures were real? Shame on you all.

And Brian, are you sure unicycling did that to you? Hurting your testicles usually isn’t harmful, it’s just that they’re really sensitive (I think I remember reading that somewhere) :P. It’s sad that you’re trying to stop people getting into unicycling because of this.

Also, hahahaha at the cat picture.

I wasnt sure whether to believe it or not.I thought old muni riders were the kind of people who wouldnt joe of such things.