grommets in a miyata cover

Has anyone taken a stock miyata seat cover and put grommets in it and then laced it to a CF base? I need it for a trials uni. I just need a minimum of padding in it, and looking at it today made me think, I can just pull it down lower with only a minimum of padding in it and then lace it up in specific spots. The fabric/plastic in the cover looks a little weak.

John Childs has shown, in another thread that a Fusion seat cover will work. I am just looking to see if it’s worth my time to do the mods on the miyata seat cover, otherwise I will go for the fusion. My money goes into my Muni and the trials takes whats left over.

Any opinions?


Most people just leave the Miyata cover loose. The wire that’s in the seam will kind of keep it in place once the handle and front bumper are in place.

Another option would be to use car body side molding similar to this to clamp and hold the seat cover on the CF base. You can get the car body side molding at auto parts stores in short lengths. It’s intended to protect the edges of car doors from getting scraped on a curb or hit when the door is opened wide. I haven’t tried the side molding thing yet but I saw it on a seat at the Salt Lake City NAUCC and it looks slick and held the seat cover on nicely.

That thread may help. I just used the miyata vinyl cover and pulled the wire tight. An alrenative is the gemcrest cover from UDC. It is nice, and has a cord to pull the cover tight.


I have my 24" Miyata seat with carbon fiber base set up that way except I’m using the double height leather air seat cover. I’ll try to find some pictures, I believe I took some once upon a time.



Thanks as always for the tips on the car trim.


Thanks for the link on the other thread. I missed that the first time around. Good stuff in there.


Thanks for the offer to find those pics. Don’t spend too much time looking for those pics. I am doing the seat cover mods on the trials uni on the cheap, so it doesn’t look like I will be buying the leather gemcrest cover.

BTW, I want to email you soon about Dad stuff.:slight_smile:


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