Groin injury?

So after I fell on my Swiss army knife and cell phone the other day as I was trying to learn how to ride my new machine, I decided to get back on and try some more, ignoring the pain. At one point when I fell off again (that happened a lot that day, and is still happening, but I’m okay with that, at least I’m learning), the unicycle twisted to the left slightly and shot out behind me, and as it went the front left part of the saddle sort of “grabbed” me in the groin area (not any of the important, er, working parts, just above and to the left). After that, I’d have to be careful how I sat, or it would hurt quite a bit.

Today, after days of rain, I finally got a chance to get back outside and on the unicycle (yay!). Things went pretty well (aside from my crazy neighbor, but that’s a whole 'nother story) in that I got up to two full crank revolutions, and actually felt for the briefest second like I was riding. What didn’t go so well was that I still have pain in that upper left area of my groin. If I’d sit a certain way, or if I’d UPD and the unicycle seat would rub the area, it would hurt quite a bit; when everything was, er, positioned well it wasn’t bad, but I could still feel it.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. It seems to me that what happened might be akin to what happens when you hit a hard surface where you have clothing on, and although the clothing doesn’t tear, your skin gets somehow magically abraded. I’m thinking maybe something tore inside, even though the skin looks fine.

There’s no apparent swelling, but I iced it anyway when I got inside. Not sure what else to do. Take time off it for a week (boooo, hiss)? Don’t take time off, but be careful with it?

Any suggestions/comments/similar experiences?


RichVoice! You are not alone!

I’ve lost count of the number of groin injuries I’ve had to sustain! I threw up once because of the pain, happy days!

I imagine that you have a nasty bruise under your skin. If it doesn’t fade after a few days I’d check it out. Probably nothing to worry about though.


ritch where abouts in san jo are you we should ride or something

dont take . get aa breakn airseat, and continue. or dont like me. just ride anyway. ive hurt the boys so many times, but theyre used to it by now.

yeah that happend to me a couple days ago. here is the story:
Ok, so i was at the skatepark, and i was ridding my aggressive rollarblades.(both my unis are broken) i dropped in and was skating across the half pipe. I was going up the inverted quarter pipe i was thinking to do a 1-footed skate grab turn around stall thingy… i kind of made that up. To make a hard-to-explain-story short. i fell down the pipe backwards and hit my hip pretty bad. ionce i got home i took a look at it and i couldnt even tell anything happend there. i tink i might have bruised the bone or something. but thats not the only thing that hurts. it feels as if my skin has streched. it kinda hurts :roll_eyes:
is the injury sort of the same thing as yours?

yup… thats part of this lonely sport.

Sort of. Difficult to describe. Doesn’t really feel like a muscle pull, but it does feel like something just under the surface got pulled or stretched or something.

That kind of pain I’m familiar with. I took some martial arts training a while back, and took a few hits; it doesn’t really bother me all that much. Just curl up for a couple of hours and I’m good to go. This is different.

Ben, I’m near the 85/87 junction, not far from Willow Glen. When I’m up to actually riding, I’ll let you know!:stuck_out_tongue:


i work in willow glen on most saturdays you should stop by willow glen bike shop (where i work) and i can give you some tips. PM before u do tho.

The injury sounds like it’s in Inguinal Hernia territory.
I would have it checked out asap.
If you want to know anything about hernias, speak to myself or Bugman.

I actually thought of a minor hernia, but I have a hard time believing that the amount of pain that I’m experiencing rises to the level of pain that I’d probably be experiencing with a hernia, especially since I’m experiencing no pain while bearing down. Still, thanks for the reminder; I’ll see how it feels for the next few days, maybe hold off on continuing my learning curve, and if it persists I’ll get it checked out.


Remember that a hernia is only really painfull when a bit of the small intestine actually pokes out thru the hole. I walked around with mine for a couple of years before I had it repaired. The hole can be caused by a variety of things and quite often happens at the weak spot left in the wall where the testicle decended thru very early in life.
The smack you gave it may have ‘damaged’ this area. If it is, and I’m just speculating here, the sooner you get it checked out, the easier it’ll be to fix and you could well escape the painfull parts of having an inguinal hernia.

With something like a hernia, there isn’t neccesarily a direc correlation beween pain/discomfort and damge.

Have you been on the uni at all recently?

Before I forget, you’re going to let us have a listen to that RichVoice of yours.
Here’s a link to a Voices Gallery.

Wow, thanks for the info, Gild! I didn’t realize that you could have a hernia that didn’t really cause pain.

I was on the uni on the 4th, the day that I posted this question. I wasn’t on yesterday, but I’ll have some time this morning, and I’ll be paying very close attention to how it feels. If it doesn’t seem any better, I’ll call the doc.

What’s vaguely interesting in an “I-can’t-do-much-about-it-now” way is that when I was in junior high (about a million years ago) and some health screener came to the gym and gave us all very basic exams, I was told that I had a “weakness” on that side when I was given the cough test. I’ve since asked a couple of doctors about it when I’ve been given the cough test, and was told each time that everything felt fine. Maybe that health screener actually felt something, and all I needed was a unicycle to make his finding a reality. :roll_eyes:

Sure! I’ll record a greeting. In the meantime, you’re welcome to visit my website and check out my voiceover demos: San Francisco Bay Area unicyclists may have heard me on some local radio commercials, and there’s also the (very slim) possibility that others have heard me on a Yahoo! Instant Messenger banner ad. I never saw the ad myself; I would have posted a copy of it on my website, but the audio quality is really low (as it has to be for banner ads, to avoid long load times).


I’ll check out the site on Monday when I’m back online. I’ve got to rush to a uni-job at a casino now.
Have you spoken to the guys from UniTV yet?
They’re looking for people and voices.

I still noticed the pain today – primarily when sitting with ALL of my weight on the seat, before pedaling away from my supports, and when UPDing a few times – but it was much less noticeable than it was a couple of days ago.

I think I’m going to take the weekend off, for this reason as well as because I think I have to take my uni in and have them put the cranks on the correct sides (I’ll start another thread to make sure I’ve got my head on straight before I take it in).

Good news, though: I felt more comfortable on it today, and made it mostly through three crank revolutions, several times! I think I would have finished the third one each time if it hadn’t been for the fence right in front of me. I guess it’s time to change my practice area yet again.