grocery store ride

got kicked out while riding my giraffe threw Albertsons (duh)

actually, ive found it rather difficult to get kicked out of pretty much any store…

A 20" or 24" is one thing, but a giraffe should do the job.

lol thats awesome! :astonished:

You should have got a video of it and put it up on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 LOL Ive gotten kicked out of a good few, just ask Whippy

Haha I’m 0 for 5!

wait, didn’t you get through target bust free?

I meant I’ve been “bust free” 5 times out of 5! Did I say it wrong?:stuck_out_tongue: (Actually, I don’t count “Bed bath & beyond” because I tried to get kicked out lol!)

maybe he counts not getting kicked out as a failure

By the way, this is most polite forum I’ve ever visited. “Thank you for logging in, Universal Unicorn.” “Thank you for posting!” :smiley:

haha… thats awesome. i got kicked out of the PARKING LOT and i wasn’t even close to cars and the manager said people were freaking out. i’ve got to try riding IN the store next time:p .

I successfully entered, rode up & down every ailse through Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Vons & Kmart! (last two not filmed) Oh, also rode inside two other places, but it was specifically for comedy bits in 2 differtent videos. One was called “What the market will bear”, and “Counter manuevers”. :slight_smile:

thats awesome… did anyone even see you? because i get in trouble for riding the wal-mart bicycles all the time… non the less my own unicycle!!

Haha hells ya! I made sure of that! In my video “target practice”, you can even hear the cashier saying (as I was riding out of Target), “Roll it, roll it!”:stuck_out_tongue:

Pedal-grab the lower ones?

i did

haha thats awsome!! Id be too scared to ride a girraffe in a grocery store cuse im not that good on one…
i had some fat lady kinda escort me out and give me dirty looks the whole time when i road all over king soopers…she didnt even look like she worked there but she was fat and mad, man i love sassy fat chicks!!

So where is it? Link please.



Too bad we didn’t get to hear what was going on or see him actually get chased/confronted/kicked out!:stuck_out_tongue: You’ll see what I mean in my next vid! :sunglasses: