Post your griptape stuff here.

My freestyle crown:

Wheel, tape on cranks:

Black and white uni:

I’ll get some pics of my BC and silver cranks soon.

I’d like this to be a bit more broad.

Get creative!

I guess. We could use this for pics and griptape overall (on crown).

The griptape on the frame really helps with stand up ww. It’s not quite as good as the knurling on a KH, and it wears off, but I haven’t been able to get a k1 signature or something, so it will suffice. I had to replace the bit on the very top after about 2 months–it just slowly started wearing off from the edge inward due to to the unusual forces I made it deal with.



It doesn’t interfere with dismounts and really helped me learn to rolling jumpmount the bc at a decent speed for hopping and such. I don’t slip off of the plates anymore and can still adjust foot positioning.

it was going to happen sooner or later.:slight_smile:

i win! mines HOT

I’ve tried colored griptape before and don’t really like it because it gets dirty.

And from my experience with it on my skateboard, it wears out faster.

Has anyone put any griptape on their handles yet?:D:D :roll_eyes:

I’ll try!!! :smiley: