Griptape on Cranks

I have just ordered some griptape for my cranks, and I was wondering how I would go about putting it on and how much of the crank it should cover.

If anyone could help that would be great.

Oh, and I would also like to see some pictures if at all possible.


why would you want grip tape on your cranks?

for flatland unicycling, when you need more grip to stand on the cranks.

does anyone have pictures of people doing this?

I had griptape on my pedals. It didnt work out to good because it kept coming off tough:(. I did however like the gip(while it lasted) for street.

See Spencer uni in Naucc Discussion Thread. I think that he did this…

What crank are you using? Cover as much of the area where you stand as possible for the most grip. Its just common sense really.

To get it to stick as well as possible heat both the tape and the crank with a hair blow dryer as you apply it.

I have griptape on my cranks!

For me, I really dont need them on the long section of the cranks, but I need it on the nub/axle end of the cranks.

I ride moment cranks, and its thin in that area, so slipping happens quite a bit for me there, so that will be a good spot for the tape. The rest of the crank is somewhat flared, and I dont have a problem standing on it.

Well if you grind put it on most (both sides) of the crank you do not grind on, make sure to wrap it around the axle. on the grinding side only put it on the half that faces up.

As for puttin it on, I get my crank and get an draw outline on a piece of paper and then use that as an outline for the back of the griptape.

Koxx One street cranks

If anyone is wondering who is uses griptape and who doesn’t… Check it out on Uni Lab.


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