Griptape keeps coming of. Help please.

Ive just been trying to get the crankrole but my feet keep slipping of the cranks. So i went and got some griptape and pout it on my cranks but within 5mins of trying the grip tape had come of entirely.
Can some one tell me how they applied the griptape to their cranks.
Regards JPW

Make sure you clean your cranks first. Rubbing them down with a dry rag should be enough. Now heat, place the cranks next to a heater or use a blow dryer to heat them up. Warm up your grip tape as well. Apply, press and let it sit for 5 min.

Mine stays on when it rains. As long as It was not applied cold, it sticks through all weather.

Thanx for the help i didn’t realise it needed to be applied hot that will make a big difference.
Regards JPW

… it won’t make that big of a difference, unless its around freezing.
clean it w/ rubbing alcohol (at least the 50% stuff) and stick it on, it won’t ever come off.

I disagree. 50°F is not close to freezing but it is certainly cold enough to change the performance of an adhesive. Have you ever seen a mounting press before? They use heat. Temperature is an important factor when applying adhesives, or things with need to adhere, like paint.

For the same reason you can used heat to remove paint or adhesives, it is affective to use when applying.

I only point this out, because here in CT during winter my house is heated with a wood stove. Many rooms in my house stay bellow 60°F and even stay in the low 50s, it is more important to heat the adhesive on the griptape than it is to clean the cranks, for me to get a proper adhere.

Also, the adhesive needs more time to set if you put it on metal than it would if you put it on wood.

Adhesives come in all varieties. some are cold setting, and some are heat setting. There are hot mounting presses, and cold mounting presses. I am sure that most, if not all, adhesive manufacturers will say that the pieces need to be clean and dry.

The only thing I could really add to this discussion is maybe to try tincture of benzoin on the crank arm prior to putting the grip tape on. I have never used it on metal, but I have used it to keep bandages from coming off on whitewater canoe trips. It makes the adhesive on the bandaid stick like you wouldn’t believe. You should be able to get it at any pharmacy.

The grip-tape I have on my cranks is more heavy duty than skate board grip-tape, I’m yet to have any problems with it. I can send you some with the fork extensions if you want to try it out?

Wow. I’ve had griptape on my cranks for a couple months now, but I have to change it at the end of just about every week… I think I’ll try heating my cranks:)