grippy tyre = bad glide?

can a grippy tyre (mine is a creepy crawly maxxis i think) make a bad glide due to the friction between the shoe and tyre whenever i try i get drwn into a wheel walk please help

Yeah, i was wandering the same thing, but i think that the better grip ur tyre has, the less of ur shoe u can coast/glide on, so try putting almost no shoe on the tyre at all

Apparently, Kris Holm has been recorded gliding so fast smoke comes off his shoe, and have u seen the allmighty tires he has?
so just keep trying

Good LUck

I’ve never heard of smoke coming off of anyones tires from gliding…
anyhoo, it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have a grippy tire. I do it on my KH20 trials. but I guess its really worn down…but still. just do it downhill, and don’t use too much pressure on the tire.

I’ve never heard of smoking tyres from gliding, but I found that it doesn’t really matter how much tread your tyre has. With more tread, it’s easier to slow down when you start going fast, and with less tread you need to have gliding really sussed so that you can get used to the no grip for stopping :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that it is much easier learning to glide on a tire that has a lot of grip/knobs. I was able to pick up gliding and 1 foot wheel walking a lot faster on the same tire that you have (creepy crawler) than my primo the wall tire(less grip/knobs) on a diff unicycle.