Grip Tape on cranks?

I asked a recent trials unicyclist I met if the thing on his cranks was grip tape. I didn’t ask where he got it but now I’m wondering where I get it…
What is it’s purpose?
Where do I get it?

Grip tape helps for flatland because your feet stick to the cranks better making flatland tricks easier (Not really important for trials though). You can get griptape online or at any skateboard shop.

Edit: Griptape summed up is only sandpaper with a sticky underside.

Grip tape on cranks help a lot when flatlanding. I’d recommend it for sure. I wouldn’t put grip tape on the bottom of your cranks cuz it can mess up grinding on rails. All and all, go griptape.

I was thinking it would help with landing unispins because countless times my feet have just slipped of the cranks, anyway I think I’ll go and buy some.

{OFF TOPIC} Sorry uninorcal, but your avatar has a really cool looking illustration in it. Could you post it at a bigger size? Where did it come from? Also, what’s T-town? I’m in Sac-town.

I was looking for unicycle cartoons online yesterday and came across that illustration at

The illustration: