:thinking: hey this prolly just shows my ignorance, and knowledge of some unicyle tricks, i dont have anything to grind on round here, but one of my friends (skater) is building a grind ramp.

Are you supposed to put metal on your peadals, or just grind on your cranks.

I thought you were supposed to grind on your cranks, but you guys were talking about pedals, then about putting metal on the bottoms for grinding?

help lol.

Well you can take the pins out of your pedals and they will slide. You can either grind on your crank or pedal. It is easier to do on the crank but if you are grinding a rail you will want to do it on your pedal so the rail doesnt get wedged in between the crank and tire. You can get some plastic grind plates from places like or you can make some. Plastic usually slides better than metal.

If you watch most videos people seem to grind on the crank and pedal on wider obstacles such as skatepark grind boxes and wider ledges. On rails people try and grind more pedal as there is a tendency for the uni to slip and get stuck inbetween the crank and tire (as Spencer said above) and this just flips you right off and eating dirt.
you can buy pedals that have been designed for grinding but all you need to do is remove a few pins. I removed the pins from one side of the pedal I use to grind on, gives you some spare pins also if you ever lose any.
One thing to be careful for is don’t land on your frame on those wider ledges, I used to and now my bearing clamps are shot at and I need new ones.

screw on some cutting board. get one from ur mum. its expensive new and you dont need much.