grinds on tire/plate under tire?

has anyone had a plate that goes under the tire for grinding??

Just a bad idea :slight_smile:

too late.

I tried to freemount in some snow but found out it was actually ice and grinded on my tire. But i fell down after that.

wouldn’t that be more sliding than grinding?

Re: grinds on tire/plate under tire?

Not unless you count tectonic plates.

Are you talking about sliding on a smooth surface or something attached to the unicycle or what?

Re: Re: grinds on tire/plate under tire?

In the design, an arm swings down from the frame and is locked down. The arm is frame shaped but thinner and it has a flat part on top where we will put a grind plate. So you jump up and make the arm swing down and slide or grind something then it will retract.

u gave it away!


that idea has been had, but…

  1. it would weigh a ton if it was strong enough to hold you up
  2. it would be hard to grind with. your balance would be similar to a bc wheel with alot of resistance, and your feet being further apart
  3. you would have to jump about 10" higher to grind things
  4. having to activate a switch going into and out of a grind is not practical.
  5. less trick variations
  6. grinding pedal or pedal/crank ain’t broke, don’t fix it

yes but what if the arm was meerly to get the plate down?? meening that the weight was on the tire not the arms.???


weight on tire #2.bmp (843 KB)

this is the frame…

switch balde2#2.bmp (388 KB)

that last one I just don’t get…

the last pic was of the frame. the bearring is mounted judt above the normal wheel bearing. the red is the swing arm, and it comes down and latches on to the botom of the bearing holders.

it seems like a lot of work to get a grind that won’t be much different from a pedal grind

its way diffrent than a pedal grind, much more chalanging and fun.

I think it would be cool to make combos between them like wheel slide to crank grind. It would also be cool to 180 in and out of it of the transitions.

The design for this would be way too clunky and in the way…

I bet it fails, or never gets built.

Probably the second one.

thanks for your support catboy.