I realize probably 10000000 questions have been asked–BUT I did try searching my question first-So bear with me-

When grinding, Do I grind with the crank that is facing the back or front?

depends what foot do you pedal grab with.
it makes it easier if you do the pedal grabbing foot because you already have the landing on the pedal (on something) feeling down.

when I grind i do forward crank, when I crank grab I do back crank. I say do what ever feel the most natural to you.

Learn to do both! Find your natural way first, and then learn your other foot as well. It opens up a lot more possiility for tricks and what not.

Kevin McMullin

Alrighty! Sweet!
I will try both and see what works out best!

what you cant grind a unicycle thats crazy, nobody can.

can you drop in the bowl?


okay then justin…

i grind with my crank backwards.
but i really wished i did it with my crank forward, it seems easier. is it?
i will try to learn both ways soon:P

do u grind with ur crank too

are you asking me?
yes i am, or i dont know when i grind handrails, cause i dont do them often:p
but it seems easier to grind with the crank forward

try and learn how to grind with your pedal and not so much your crank because when you get on hand rails your crank will fall over the hand rail most the time and the hand rail will get caught imbetween your crank and tire causing you to fall and potentially kill your kids…
learning both ways is good though but i find grinding with the crank froward easier than crank in back because when i grind with the crank in back my foot hits the rail and it makes me stop or slow down and its harder to balance so i grind with crank forward and its easier to balance with the crank forward because it gives you a little bit more stability.

I grind foot forward (right foot) and I use my right hand to grab the sadle.
I find it easier to grind this way then to my handfree side.
I only grind on the pedal: beter on rails and slides faster (less contact point then with crank+pedal)

Peter M