I was just wondering how people learned to grind and what they learned on and please list what skills are needed to grind thanks

Check this link out and that should help.

ok im lookin

To be able to grind well you need to be able to rolling hop over things and be able to rolling hop into a crank or pedal grab. Thats about it.

ok thanks im gonan go try tommorow

pedal stall or crank stall. pedal stall is better. cut up a chopping board and screw or glue it to ur preffered pedal for pedal stalls. then find something slippery eg waxed bench etc. MAKE SURE YOUR PEDAL WILL SLIDE ON IT! i cannot emphasize this enough. if your pedal sticks to it when you try to grind it you will usually end up on the ground. depending on approach speed. basically to grind ride up to an object, time it so that you will reach the part where you want to grind at the same time as you are in your preffered hopping position. jump and pedal stall the object, due to your momentum and lubrication between your pedal and the object you should grind. anticipate the slide so that you stay on top of your uni. dont just let it slide away from you with your feet still on it. if u do u will end up on ur ass. practice. diffenent objects are slippery than others, so antipicate the slide appropriatly. to get off either just slide off the end of the object or jump off the object. it is weird jumping off from pedal stalls, learn to do it, it could be helpful. now excuse me while i go watch defect online.

edit: damn, by the time i posted 3 or 4 people already had

may I suggest learning on something flat so that you don’t seriously injure yourself, and wear some padding, and don’t do it where you can fall into a yard loaded with sticker burrs, because that sucks worse than you will ever want to know.
ohh and grind the pedal, not the crank.

k thanks for the advice

r those sticker burrs the brown stick like things that stick to your clothes? cause ive stacked it into them. took like an hour to get them off me

naw, not stick thingys
they are burrs (basically a ball w/ thorns sticking out in every direction, and if it was bigger, and metal it would make a great weapon)
I ended up taking my shirt off and brushing them into the trash, then picking thorns out of my fingers for like 10 mins
they are wayyyy tooo common here
it really sucks during the summer

EDIT: there are sometimes many on one stem of stickerburr plant (i consider it a weed)

i think i know the ones either marble sized and black or slightly smaller and green

Most of this has been said already, but I’ll add my own post eh?

Basically the easiest thing to grind when you’re starting is a ledge, leave rails for when you’re more experienced in grinding. Wax the surface, don’t put on too much wax, you want to start with a nice slow grind.

  1. Ride up to your grinding ledge
  2. Rolling hop to a crank/pedalgrab
  3. Lean backwards creating momentum

If you did this properly you will now be pulling a grind, if you didn’t try improving your crank/pedalgrabs or lean back more.
If you pulled a succesful grind, either the ledge is at an end now or your grind stalls in which case you jump off.

  1. Grind out or jump off the ledge

What pedals you recommend for grinding? These pedals are good, but expensive. Is there any cheaper grinding pedals?

Weeds are any plants that are not wanted. I rose is a weed if it is not wanted in a feild of buttercups:d

I’ve just learnt on plastic pedals, they’re lasting fine and it means you can grind on wood without it being eaten up

Those pedals are good, so I’ve heard. Plastics can be used to grind, less damage to wood, yes, more damage to the pedal when you’re grinding rails or marble/cement ledges. I’d recommend any type of BMX pedal that allows you to screw out pins on one side (such as these) Of course you can use a lot of pedals and it’s mostly preference, if you ride tech street you might as well keep your plastics on, if you ride big street I suggest going for metals and unscrewing one side of the pedal.

glue or screw on some chopping board to one side with the pins removed. you then have the grip provided by the metal pedals with the slipperyness provided by the plastic. best of both worlds.