I’ve finally put my grind plate on so now i want to learn how to grind. Tips and vids would be good so if anyone can post some vids of themselves grinding then that would be awesome. Put it in slow mo after the actual clip so i can look closer plz. Thanks!:smiley:

i swear to god i’ve seen another thread exactly like this only a few minutes ago

yea there was.

Yeh that was really just conversation but now im asking for ppl to show me vids and stuff

fair enough.


First you need something good to learn on.

Josh has some excellent stuff to learn on ie. his capped pallets and that ‘other thing’

Anyway, grinding… It’s pretty much just a rolling pedal grab/ crank stall (depending on what your grind on)

I found that weight distribution was very important, but it’s all about experimenting. This weekend if we do go to Josh’s, we’ll teach you =]


this is off topic but, brownboy, you have the same unicycle as i do! high five

BOOYA! The DX ROCKS! I return that Hi 5 unitoon!


Watch this video. Right at the end, there is a grind right up to the camera, and then again in slow-mo. Don’t know if thats any help!

Also, I found that you need to lean back quite a bit more than you would expect. Hope that helps!

Grinding rules!

Rock on!

That’s odd, I found that I had to lean forward more than I expected, esspecially if the rail is slanted.