i want to learn how to grind and am wondering how to do so. should i just go out there and try it or what?

find a waxed bench, ledge, or funbox, ride up to the object with the appropriate amount of speed (depends alot on pedals) hop and slide

just plain old grinding is easy to learn

Try to find a ledge that is about the same height as your wheel, that either has coping(metal ledge cover) or is smooth enough to grind, ride and rolling hop and try to land with your crankarm parallel to the surface so you have a smooth grind.

Try it on a small ledge first so you don’t have to jump very high, than move to bigger objects so you can learn to get your C.O.B over the uni.

C.O.B. = center of balance

Someone was about to ask that, so I decided to answer it before they could. Of course, someone will likely still ask…

Off Topic: You are right, I should have thought more about the intelligence and understanding of our jargon before I posted.

Better than U.P.D.- that took me a while to figure out. C.O.B. was pretty easy. (unplanned dissmount)

should i put on my old plastic pedals or keep my alloy ones on at least for learning?

Use some plastic ones for learning and then later try some metal ones to see which you like more.


Approach the “ledge, or whatever” with good speed. Jump into it, now on it. If you come down to hard there goes all the foward motion. You’ve got to “throw” your uni into the object. Just jump right into it. IT will slide, don’t freak when you slide. I have a friend that will jump off if he slides, it’s so funny. When your balance is thrown hop off the object. Keep all the advice from eveyrone else in mind as well. good stuff. That’s my advice. laters