I’m not anywhere close to grinding yet, but I plan to try it in the future. But whenever I see a video everyone who grinds does it with the foot, that’s ledge or rail side, foward. When I crank grab I do it with my ledge side foot back.

Is it a huge disadvantage to do it with the foot back?
Is it worth me learning to crank grab on the other side (which I won’t be nearly as comfortable with) for grinding?


I grind with my back foot and I don’t think there are any disadvantages.

Just stick with what you are comfortable with. I can’t think of any disadvantages. the reason you have only seen people grind on their front foot, is because thats how most people are comfortable.

grinding is easy as long as you feel stable with your crankstalls/pedalstalls. when you are learning to grind try something metal and flat. If you can find a metal bench that would be perfect. once you try it, you will be suprised at how easy it is.

Thanks guys, I think I’ll try a grind one day, but will have to be a little more confident with crank grabs and such first. After my new uni comes in and I make a home made grind plate for me pedal I may give it a try, it does look like alotta fun.

He’s right. I grind left foot back (left side usually) and its not a problem. I think its a little harder for pedalgrabs, but not worth switching over.

He’s also right about the metal bench thing. I first tried on a skater ledge, but my pins just dung in and stopped me after 3 feet. It was very discouraging. So find a bench and it’ll go goodly.

Edit: It’s also a lot easier than youd think. So get on some pads and try. I found wristguards key.

I’ll make some home made grindplates and get a helmet first. What are wristguards needed for?

How can you make your own grindplates? Actually, I have an idea, but where can I get materials?
And is metal or plastic better?

I would assume metal is far better. The idea is to slide. Metal just… slides, plastic doesn’t do it as well. I’m just gonna get a sheet of metal from my school and make one!