After wotching the vids of people grinding:

I now know that this is a skill I want to learn. How do I go about learning it? What is the best thing to learn to grind on? Would it be a slanted/level wall, a slanted/level rail, my car’s hood? Is it best to learn with metal platforms, or plastic?

Thanks for all the advice I know I’m going to receive.

I found that the best way to learn was on a grind box at a local skate park. Just do a rolling hop that is just high enough to put you onto the ledge and throw yourself forward. Practice hitting with both your pedal and crank, and just your pedal (as this is needed for rails).

Make sure that you can do pedal grabs and crank grabs first. I think a good learning progression is to first practice hopping onto a ledge and then off. Next do a rolling hop onto a ledge and then right off. Try to reduce the time (Just kiss the ledge). Then find a grind box, or a box with metal railing, or get grind plates and practice trying to grind.

Once you can slide aways on the ledge and you can hop off you can take two routes (Or both). You can practice doing different variations of the grinding on the ledge or you can practice grinding rails.

definatly plastic pedals! they slide sooooo much better
i first learnt on a picnic table. it had just pissed it down and it was cold so the wood was really slippery. i slid about half a metre then hopped off. i’ve also done it on park bench.
i can’t do it at sk8 parks cos all the ones near me r full of people who would beat the hell out of me if they saw me on a uni, but thats life

i have a grind box from when i used to sk8 but i havn’t bothered getting back off my m8 yet.

definatly learnt on box though, rails are a lot harder cos u can fall off the other side, maybe thats just me

grind plates?

soz, but wot r they, r there such things for uni’s :thinking:
or am i just a dumbass!

probably the later:(

You’d be shocked! I’ve had 15 skaters stop what they were doing, to watch me! One even stopped filming his friends to focus on me.

And I’m not even that good! I was trying rail grinds, but at the time, the most I could do was crank grabs and drops.

It feels good to impress those punk-kids, for some reason

i not talkin bout the sk8ers, they dont mind
i mean the kids who just hang out there to beat up any1 when they get bored. oh well, i’ll just hav 2 get used to it

Probably not the later. There is a recent thread about grind plates. There are some pics of real one and discussion of ideas. The real ones fit bmx style pedals. Wellgo Primo and another brand which I forget now.

As for metal vs plastic pedal, It definately depends on whether or not the pedals have pins. I have cheap Wellgo pedals with removable pins and before I took out the pins on the grinding side, I wouldn’t move at all on any surface except slanted metal. Even plastic pinned pedals will slow you down. As for plastic freestyle pedals I’m not sure but metal slides awfully nice over metal. That what biker pegs, skaters trucks, and maybe the sole of rollerblades are made of(not sure on this one).
Though Sal did run across a plastic pedal that was supposed to be harder than metal and had no bearings. They cost about $120 US. They might be good. I’m not going to buy them though.

Here’s the thread: