Grinding Wooden Benches

I need help with this, I learnt grinding on metal and stone at the local skatepark but in my area I can only find wooden benches. I’m finding them hard to grind, I can get abit of a slide but most of the time I just stop and go flying forward.
Any tips, I was watching Shaun’s Night Sess '06 vid and they were grinding wooden benches so I know it’s possible.

Anyway, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Unless you’re at a skate park or whatever, the answer is DON’T. Grinding or attempting to grind on wood is highly destructive. At skate parks and stuff, the wooden benches have a metal lip on them so you’re actually grinding on metal and not the wood.

good point. Where can I find things to grind, its sooo frustrating. Still any word on how shaun grinded the benches in his vid.

  1. get wax or a lexan grind plate. then you’ll slide.

alot of wax will help alot
…make sure your pins on your pedals arent catching that much…

A coupple of days ago my friends and i built a wooden rail. WE sanded it and waxed it reasonably good and it works just fine. But i use plastic pedals.

Square drive screws

I wish I was good enough to have your problem.
Were I so fortunate, I would use the box of deck mate 3" screws that I bought at Home Depot. The screws come with a special square drive bit that fits in any decent 3/8" drive electric drill.
With these tools I can clamp 2x4’s, or any 1 1/2 " wood together, then screw them together, with the screws. It is important to use the right screws, otherwise the head will tend to strip out. Deck mate square drive screws come out as easy as they go in, so the same wood can be disassembled and remade into something else repeatedly, very fast and easy. Much easier then using nails.
I think using sliding petals or screwing metal strips down should work fine. I have made so much stuff at my home using the electric driver screw tech, that I am on my third 25 lb. box.
I think if you experimented a bit and learned to make your own stuff, you might have more fun and advance faster then trying to go around town scratching other peoples furniture. Good luck !

holy damn! i actually agree with you on something

I bet you have already tried this, but try some near by schools there should be a lot of stuff to try out there, but make sure you have plenty of wax with you

if you have snafus, take out th pins on one side of your grinding pedal, find screws with a similar thread size to the snafu pins. slightly larger is ok. buy the cheapest cutting board you can. mine was a $10 antibacterial one. expensive. anywho, screw the cutting board onto the pedal base. slides like a dream, and doesnt leave too many scratch marks on the benches. overall gives a smooth grind. USE ON RAILS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! VERY SLIPPERY!!

Yeah, that’s where the benches are, I’ll try waxing them up, thanks guys, hopefully this will help.


Wax is the solution for all your grinding problems except when theres too much wax on a handrail then you take off your shoe and coat it with rubber… Try to go for benches that have a layer of paint on them, wax, grind. It’s easy.