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So, I’m learning grinding, or at least getting better at it. however, I’m wondering about uni damage due to grindnig, mainly to spokes. as I grind my bearing holder is sliding on the object, and the edge of the ledge I’m grinding is scraping on my spokes. the one that takes the most damage is bent, though that’s not so bad and I loosened it after it bent. however, it’s looking like it might get cut through. how do you people who grind all the time deal with this? do you just not care? do you grind only on the crank, not the bearing holder? that would require more finess than I have. also, as vanman asked in a previous thread, what about bearing holders on my KH aluminum frame getting scraped through? is this possible?

thanks to all.

Yeah try not to grind on the bearing case… Just the crank. As you practice it will come along and you will get better at grinding just on the crank. As for the spokes I don’t know. Ive never had a problem with that. I guess because i just grind rails.

Guess i wasn’t much help.


what about puting sillicon on the spokes that rub?

I don’t think silicon would do much. it seems like lube wouldn’t be strong enough.

as for the advice to grind on the crank only, that’s more or less what I was expecting. I just didn’t want to hear it, because it means my technique sucks.

Im sure that it will get better fast if you keep practicing…On my uni the bearing case nuts are worn down where its almost impossible to take them off.

Maybe you can get some advice from someone better than me.

Learn to grind on only your pedal, this will alow you to slide easyer and cause no dammange to your crank or spokes. The thing that helped me was learning to do a rolling pedal grab with out leting the uni swing down like a ryan atkins pedal grab.

on only the pedal? I need grind plates.

that sounds pretty unstable though. I’ll try it when I get healed.

What’s “grinding”?

When you take a foot off the uni and plant it on a wall, table, bench, ect ect then push off and put it back on and ride away

Thanks for clearing that up!



thats what grinding is?!

man im on the track then. Thanks for helping me out with that buddy i owe you a big one.

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Re: grinding questions

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 23:05:49 -0500, “Evan Byrne” wrote:

>promo wrote:
>> *What’s “grinding”? *
>When you take a foot off the uni and plant it on a wall, table, bench,
>ect ect then push off and put it back on and ride away

No, that’s a foot plant. Grinding is when you hop up on a railing or
ledge (often from riding), land on your pedal, crank or bearing
holder, and then slide (“grind”) along the railing or ledge for some

Promo, you’re new here. Be welcome. And if you don’t understand the
meaning of a word, we don’t blame you. But please try the search
button first rather than injecting your question into the thread. I’m
pretty sure the meaning of “grinding” would be found through the
search function.

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Re: Re: grinding questions

Promo was kidding…He’s really good and in defect and stuff so he has to know what grinding is. Evan probably got confused then later he told me he was kidding :roll_eyes:

Yeah, you really shouldn’t be grinding on the bearing case. Besides the damage, you’ll also end up with your tire rubbing against the ledge too, which will slow you down.

I grind ledges on my crank and pedal. It works pretty well on this marble ledge downtown. I ride snafu pedals and just removed the pins from the bottom of my grinding pedal (right pedal) and put some red tape on the side with pins on it, so that i know which side my foot is supposed to go on. Thus, you don’t need grinding pedals, but i’m still going to try a pair out whenever i find a pair.



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