Grinding? Pedals or Cranks

what is better? grinding with your pedals or cranks… and if any one has some free time can you make up a grinding tutorial

Evan :slight_smile:

can you pedal grab yet? i noticed that a lot of people( or at least me) use the same style for pedal grabbing as grinding( if they grab the ledge w/ the cranks, they grind w/ them)

It seems that when watching videos most folk grind with crank and pedal on ledges and just pedal on rails.
I grind crank and pedal at the moment because I haven’t yet found the confidence to try a nasty rail out.

I try to use only my pedal to grind.
For rails and ledges.
It grinds faster then on the cranks.


i like grinding with my pedal only, mostly cause i havent had much luck with the crankarm way. plus i have a pretty low flatbar i grind and my tire touches when my crankarms are horizontal.

oh, ok i was just want to know for future reference… so what type of pedals should i get for grind when i start?


get some metal pedals w/ removable pins. take the pins out on on side and leave the other side’s in. grind with the side w/o the pins

ok i just thought normal pedals would do but if you say so


get a cutting board from coles or equivalent. reasonably thick and pedal sized. biggish ones are expensive. basically get the cheapest. i paid $10 for an antibacterial one… :thinking: anyway, if you have snafus you can get some screws that fit the pin thread. mark out the shape of the pedal on the cutting board and cut it with a jigsaw or coping saw. then mark out where the screw holes are on the pedals onto the board. drill these out and screw the board on to the pedal underside. this gives you a extremly smooth grind. somewhat faster too. do not use for rails :angry:

ok that a really good idea thanks man i will have a look at it