Grinding...Pedal or Crank?

When grinding should i use my crank or pedal or both?

Not another thread. As your new we will let you off, In future use the search funtion. There has been loads of threads asking the same question (I think there was another earlyer today). Normaly you grind rails with the pedal and you grind ledges with the crank (and pedal).


ok, sounds good, thanks

How do u grind on the pedal? :thinking:


Have you newbs ever done a petal grab on a ledge!?

That’s all it is, but roll into it and lean into it.

If you grind on your crank, the crank will slip and the rail will be wedged into your uni.

The rail will be wedged between your crank and your wheel

I grind on it all. Pedal, crank, and bearing housing.

I just bought a unicycle and the hardwar has a little hard plastic in the nut that keeps it from tightening. Which makes my Unicycle rather wobbly and it wants to turn! Is this normal or should i go find some new nuts and tighten it?

I wish I didnt do that, but I can’t help it right now :frowning:

woah, james, I thought your avatar was some sort of transformer’s face

Lol erm… thanks?!


I used to do that as well, but I just spent about an hour try to get my grabs accurate enough that i only grind on my and pedal.
Grinding on the and the pedal seems fine with me, but I don’t grind any hand rails.


Whenever i pedal grab the uni drops down so the crank is upright. How do you stop this when grinding on handrails, do you just have to pull the uni up to you or what?

you dont stop it thats whats supposed to happen…lol

Wow thanks to all who contributed to this thread. It has been quite informative since I’m not around people who can tell me this sort of thing.

or handrails you never want to grind on the crank, only the pedal.

Ledges are fine to grind with only the pedal, but its fine to do the crank as well.

Not realy, you want to pull up on the seat so that your non-grinding foot is in contact with your pedal as well, I find it makes it alot easyer when you come to dismount the rail and ride off.

ya to some extent but my cranks arn’t parallel when i do a rail, their probably (i grind on the left pedal) so looking at it from the right side the right crank would be at 8 O’clock and the left crank would be at 2 O’Clock, thats the way i do handrails (skinni rails not acutall hand rails [yet]) that way my crank doesent go over and my wheel get caught. (i dont think this post makes any sense, im having trouble explaining myself)

Yea thats how I do it (just on my right foot). In your other post you were saying that you dont need to pull up on the uni and suggesting the right way is to leave the uni hanging on the pedal.

ya i relized that when i was lookin at some grinding footy, i guess i just dont notice myself pulling the uni up…