Grinding handrails!

Tonight I successfully grinded my first handrail. It was only a 3 stair rail but it was still really really fun. I plan on looking for a 5 stair rail soon hopefully I’ll find someone to film it and get a clip up on here. I seem to be progressing pretty fast in my riding since I’ve only been at it about 3 monthes now. I think it’s mostly because I see everyones videos on here and it makes me want to push myself more and more everytime I ride. Thanks guys!

dang youve only been riding for 3 monthes and your already doing handrails… thats freaking crazy dude… keep it up


thanks man :slight_smile: I want to get it on film so badly haha…to bad I sold my camera to get my unis lol. :roll_eyes:

welcome to the dark side.

That is insane for only three months of riding. How many tries did it take you?

If you think 3 step rails are fun, wait till they get big. Grinding handrails is the most dangerous, difficult, and rewarding thing i have gotten out of unicycling.

good luck on the search for a five.

I agree with Mike (onetrack). Handrails are probably the most terrifying thing to throw yourself at when street riding because you HAVE to commit or you will get hurt. Any other trick, you can just kick the uni away. Landing a big handrail is to most satisfying feeling I’ve gotten so far I think. And for 3 months, you’re a nut. How old are you anyways, and are you going to get like right into street? Cause streets really the only way to go. Good luck on that 5 too!


That is really cool. Ive been wanting to try my first hand rail but im still i little nervous.

Tyler we need to get together and ride sometime this summer.

Kevin, I may be wrong but I think Tyler is 21(?).

it took me quite a few tries I kept hitting my pedal under the rail at first then I keep landing and not going anywhere I just couldn’t get the pedals around. Yeah I’m going staright into street riding I can’t really see myself doing anything else from my bmx and skating background. I’ve been skating hand rails for so long I think it’s made not as scared as I should be of them. I never thought I’d be this excited about a 3 stair rail after sessioning rails around 20 steps while skating. Oh yeah and I’m 22. I’m down to ride anytime this summer.

how often do you ride if you have only been going for 3 months? i wish i could find someting like that

I ride almost everyday.