Grinding hand rails with a kink at the end

I was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on what is harder, grinding a handrail with or with out a kink on the end of it. All I’ve done is kinkless rails.

hey. its definitely easier to do handrails without kinks at the bottom. kinks arent that much harder, you just have to take a little bump. it just becomes harder to keep your grinding foot on the pedal without it getting shaken off by the kink. thats my opinion anyway from my experience.


i struggle a bit more than probably kevin does.

but i use back foot… and the kinks have been on skinny rails… so my crank gets wedged a whole heap.

one of the best (smoothest) rails i’ve done is a flat 10 stair that had a kink at the bottom… it was about half a foot long. that was cool

if you are still learning rails (meaning they arent a sure thing) like me… you best should find some nice non kinked ones first.