Grinding down KH SYM cranks

The KH SYM cranks look kinda close to the k1 street cranks, except that nub. What if someone were to gring off the nub, would this jeprodize the strength of them? Also does anyone know the width of these cranks? & How much abuse do you think these cranks would take?

Grinding off the nub might take a while so I think the SYM cranks can handle a decent amount of damage…

Nono I mean cutting off the nub and grinding the metal to be flush so the extra 30mm attachment is not there at all.

I don’t see why that’d do much to the cranks, but I wouldn’t buy a set just to cut them down, I’d go for Qu-Ax of Koxx cranks.

i would go for qu-ax
have you ever seen a broken qu-ax??

Qu-ax are good cranks, but they don’t have any 130’s. I personally like my cranks size to be between 135-140. You might like the KH 137’s or Koxx-One street cranks as well.

The cromoly ones?