Grinding bad?

I just got a new torker DX and i wanted to try grinding, but im not sure if it is bad for the unicycle or not… Do i need to modify something before i start trying to do it? :frowning:

I did a lot of grinding on my DX. the only mod you might need to make is on your grinding pedal. I got a grindplate made out of a then sheet of steel. Worked great. Others just take off the pins on one side of the pedal, make a grindplate of a cutting board or another type of plastic, or use plastic pedals to grind with.

just remove the pins on one side of your pedal and that will do, but if you are a diy person then you may want to do what i and many others have done and make a grind plate, not an essential though. plastic pedals also work well so i hear.

Thanks guys, i think ill just take the pins out…

But what about crank stalling? do i need to change anything for them?

And when u grind do u do it on the pedal or crank? :frowning:

Nothing to change for crank grabs. Just go out and do them.

Its recommended you learn to grind on your pedal for rails. On ledges, you can easily get way with with grinding on your cranks. Rails sometimes catch between your crank and tire or some other odd combination like that, so just grinding on your pedal will pretty much eliminate your uni getting stuck on a rail, and you going flying head first.

what jerrick said, it helps to learn on either a grinding ledge at a skatepark or a square rail, as you can use your crank in the grind which is handy when learning…

ok thanks :slight_smile:

I think all my questions are answered now :smiley: