grindage rocks

well, i do street. And out of them all, spins, grinds, ect. My favorite is grinding…my biggest rail was a small 12 stair…it was awsome. Also, i believe it to be easier than uni spins and so forth:D…if you want some vid, email me!

Vid please.


Yeah I want a vid… put one in the gallery.

How long you been riding and how old are you?

I’d also love to see a vid. It’s much easier for everyone including you if you put one in the gallery but if for some reason that’s not possible my address is andrew_carter (at) .

Thanks a lot,

well, i’ve been riding for about 4 years now. And for some reason i can’t put crap in the gallery. If any of you can help me out, i’ll put the sick footage on! by the way, for all you guys who went to the nationals in utah, didn’t you think it was more focused on artistic? Is it always like that? thanks

I sure as hell think so.
I think that a revolution growing in unicycling.
For about 1.8 million years, unicycling has been 100% costumes, coreographed routines, clown stuff, basicly unicycling has been around to entertain people.