ive seen pics of someone grinding on there uni, does anybody know how to do this, and could you please help teach me how to jump off the ground when im on my uni?

FOr grinding, your gonna want to rolling hop. Ride forward, moderate speed at first, crouch down, hold the handle/front of the seat, and basiclly jump up.

heres a video with some grinds in it…

Here’s another.

It’s at:

And it’s called “Pebbles Skate Park”.

Skate parks are good.


Here is a better link to pebbles skate park

right click on the vids and copy shortcut to geta link thats a one click so yuo dont have to load the other page too…

just rolling hop up and land on the thing ur grinding on and then hop off

but what part of the uni do you grind with?

you grind on the pedal.

thanks but will the pedals on my torker cx hold up to grinding?

If you’ve got plastic pedals, then you might want to build a grind plate. There are instructions on, but the basic idea is that you want to cover the bottom of your pedal with something more long lasting. All you’ll need is a sheet of metal, something to cut it with, and some pliers or vice grips.

You just cut out the metal with some ‘fingers’ that you can bend up around the pedal to hold it in place, and then grind away :smiley:

actually, you probably want plastic to grind on. slides easier than metal. I think that he needs to get stronger metal platform pedals, then make plastic grind plates.
actually, what you’ll need to do sometime is get an entire new uni. because quite frankly, a Torker CX will not hold up to much, and if you get to the skill level where you’re grinding, the Torker CX will break very soon after.

Cheers man! I was wondering how to do that!


you’re aiming to do this sorta thing, like the £30 pedals off UDC.

whoooaaaa, those are like pedals with built in grind plates!! preetty spiiffy…

They’re ‘Gusset Full Throttle Flat Bottomed Grind Pedals’, I’ve been using them for about a year (I bought some off when my 20" Onza arrived) They’re pretty much invincible (except the bearings are a bit rubbish, you’ll need to strip & regrease them as soon as they arrive), and really useful for pedal grabs, grinding (which I can’t quite do yet) and other actions that require flat pedals. They weigh quite a bit, but the solid plates mean the pedals auto rotate to upright, making skinny mounting easy as hell cos the pedals are always pointing up.