Is a grind much harder then just a rolling hop into a pedal/crank grab?


yes but not a huge ammount

Whats the difference. You just gotta balance better?


i would also like to know, how do you actually slide?

You slide with the motion you get from a rolling hop, it’s best to do it down rails because they’re sloped and metal. Metal coping on downward sloping walls are good too, maybe even better.

And yes I would imagine it’s alot harder than just a rolling hop and a crank grab, you need alot of balance to do them, and a lot of confidence.

do you slide on the crank, or the pedal?

I think thats personal preference. On coping i slide both because both will fit but on a rail i slide crank.

I have never done a rail but grinding the side of a ledge not not require much balance at all. Just do a fowards rolling hop into a crank grab, leaning slightly back.

If you want to slide effortlesly go for plastic pedals they slide incredibly smooth. My other tip is to learn at a skatepark because those have the best possible learning rails

This is one of my primary targets for this summer!



ledges and wide stuff you can grind on the crank and pedal, but for thin rails you lift your chocolate foot pedal up and slide on the bearing housing, well i do anyway, this way you can apply pressure with the tyre to slow you down if you need to, plus its easier to balance. getting the height is the hardest part of a rail grind.

and pulling out in time too, if the rail is low like this…

I don’t get it Joe, what am I watching in that space. Also would it make sense to do a ledge then rail? Cuz my skatepark is a three set up on to a ramp. It sucks. I’m thinking of trying to make one but I just need the proper bar/rail/pole.


i think joe is later going to post a big pick of him grinding.
rails are easier cos they slope down and ledges are often made of stone, which needs waxing…
i suggest you get some 2" box section steel for your rail.

Yeah, there is going to be a huge pic, maybe even video of me grinding one of these days! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks North, I’m going to hunt down some rail…
All of the rails on stiars next to me suck. They are either way too steep, or have spikes sticking out of them! :angry:


Just a suggestion from one beginning grinder, to another, I think it might be best not to learn on stairs. You may be different but I’m definitely not trying stairs till I know I can do it.

Yesterday I set up a small rail (bout 3’) in my backyard. It was round and slanted so I didn’t have to roll-hop into it. I almost had it after about 20 minutes, but my pedal broke (it was close to it anyway) so i had to quit. One thing I earned is to keep the wheel angled outward because it gives you more of a grinding space. Somebody may have already said that, i can’t remember, but I just realised it for myself.



Thanks for that David. No, I wouldnt learn on a set of stairs! I cant even get my mind round it, never mind learn that way! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should be able to find some rail in a few weeks. I sart study leave soon, so I will find some then. :slight_smile:


i just did a nice 2 ft high hand rail at the skeatepark after only about a month of trying to grind. it was awsome!

Re: Grind…

On Sat, 15 May 2004 10:47:07 -0500, “darchibald” wrote:

>Yesterday I set up a small rail (bout 3’) in my backyard. It was round
>and slanted so I didn’t have to roll-hop into it.

David could you post a picture (or else elaborate)? I don’t quite
understand how you don’t have to hop on it.

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

He means he didn’t have to do a big rolling hop to get the momentum to grind as it was slanted.

Nice one scooter! Well done… :smiley:

I’m still on a rail hunt!