how do you grind?

Jump up and Padal grab on a downhill metal object

And it doesnt have to be medal. It could be any object that slides.

And it doesn’t need to be downhill if you have wax and do a fast rolling hop.
Of course, make sure it isn’t uphill. I don’t think I needed to say that, but there’s some crazy people on this forum.

what kind of pedals do you use?

grinding is insane

I uused plastic at first but now I usea medal grindplate which works wonders.

Where can you get a grindplate? I really want one, and was tempted to make one before I thought, “I don’t know how.”
And if possible, could you tell me a place I can get them locally? I’m rather short of cash right now, soooo…

i just ziptied a piece of sheet metal to my pedal. it worked great!

Hey guys. I made a grind plate for my pedal. It was real easy. Heres the link:

Have fun!

Ya i followed mango’s direction for the grindplate and it works great. Although a grindplate is about 9.00 abd the sheet medal i bougt was 8.

When I started grinding i noticed my supertenderizers where getting messed up, so I made sure that the same side of the pedal was always down. After a while it almost wore through in some spots, and due to the reduced weight the ground side was always pointing up when I tried to mount. then I took my pedal in to shop class and welded two aluminum plates leaving a space in the middle for rails. I have never tried grinding with a single flat plate.

even if you dont grind having something onthe bottom of your pedal grab side is nice, because then grip dosent get messed up.

Re: grind

there are a couple ways.

sliding on just your pedal. this will slide better but is harder to balence.

sliding on your pedal and crank. This will be more stable, but this way your tire is more prone to "bite " or rub against what you are grinding and this will launch the rider.

Has anyone heard of a titaniun pedal. Titanium would slide great and last long.