grind/spoke guard thing

well although i am not the biggest grinder of all time i am a hands on person and am always keen to spend some time on improveing something that i think could be better.

after a bit of discussion here i had decided on makeing a spoke guard, thing is my life doesnt allow much spare time for stuffing around makeing things, but today i had an RDO (rostered day off) pretty much means i dont have to go to work but i get payed for the day.

SO i grabbed a piece of cardboard and began cutting away until i had a piece that was the shape i desired, then useing a nikko i traced around the outside of me template onto a piece of metal i had found at work and began to cut it into the shape. once cut i used the vice and a hammer to bend it so it had some curve. i then used the sanding disk on the grinder to remove any paint or rust from my bearing holder/piece of steel and i was off to have it welded.

guy at the shop charged 5 bucks to doa champion job exactly how i wanted so i was happy. when i got home i gave her a quick spray with some red paint i found lying around and that was that.

i am happy with it and it is not too big but big enough to be effective, if you cannot figure out what the curve or the angle of it is for then dont even bother asking as it is pretty obvious if you think about it. alsoother than the obvious reason fot the curve in the guard it also adds strength to it.

pictures, taken tonight so i am sorry for any blurry/brightness



on uni.JPG

Umm…pics please?

Edit: Whoops…guess you already thought of that.

Thats a pretty cool idea.

yea that is a good idea, shame my kh is aluminium. Although do you think you could get a steel berring holder for the bottom?

I think steel KH bearing holders are still the works of angels and pixies, but I’m sure if you continuously email Kris about he’ll crack sooner or later.

thats a really good idea, u cld use tig to weld to the alloy, it wld also stop you from getting jamed in on skinnier rails

mark, just get some 5 or 6 mm thick aluminium and make one out of that then go get it welded, 5 or 6 mm thick aluminium will be plenty strong enough if you get the welder to weld it on both sides…

I may see if I can get hold of some. I dont no any place were I could get it welded, I would probably try and weld it although my aluminium welding isnt great.

Does any body know of a place where I can buy replacement bearing holders for my KH?


let me say something MEANNNN
i think it doesn’t do taht much good. if you think about it, your spokes very rarely rub anything in the first place because the tire is wide enough so that it holds things off of it. I guess it COULD solve the problem of the crank getting stuck over a rail, but every time I have seen that the crank was perpendicular to the rail anyways.

I must admit it is well designed and made though.

thanks man.

yeah good point skrobo, but the clearance of the spokes from a moment hub to the frame, is actually pretty similar to the clearance of the tyre…

i am not too woried weather it is actually beneficial or not, would be handy for peoplewho have bmx wheels on moment hubs tho

What about moving it to the indisde of the bearing holder (closer to spokes) the youve got the bottom of the bearing holder to stal on aswell :stuck_out_tongue: Also BMX’s have spoke protectors which clip onto the spoke… why dont you try adapting some of them?

Your choice of red is kind of funny. Now your unicycle has a scrotum! I think that’s approproate for grinding.

don’t mention it :slight_smile:

BTW- if it breaks, can you post how. sorry if the sounded negitive lol

grinding spokes rub alot
pedal grabs even more
i have broken 3? spokes due to pedal grabbing and a friend broke more through grinding
spokes scraped long the side then broke later on just hopping

2 questions:

  1. couldn’t you just make it a little bit bigger, bend it over, and have it be bolted down threw the bearing holders?

  2. What if you hopped a little bit high and landed on them? would it completely destroy them or are they strong enough?

well I guess that was 3 questions but o well;)

colour choice… i have red rim tape, red pedals and red koxx sticker, the red bearing holder gors with the pedals and rim tape, but i also only had red available.

why dont i use a bmx one? have you seen the clearance betwene the spokes on a moment hub and the frame??? doesnt sound like it, the clearance is not much, definateley not enough for the guard. also forces applied would transfer onto the hub flanges and spokes anyway and my flanges are bent enough as they are.

useing the bolts to fasten it, well they wouldnt really, ‘bold down’ onto itif it were betwene the bearing holders, so it would flop around, and below the bearing holder it still would not be as sturdy as there would be far less material so it would bend easier where it is mounted.

will it crush? well i dont think i will land on the end of it, it is tilted inwards, and you generally try to land on the crank and not on the guard, we will see if it holds up.