Grind Seat out


Während ihr alle in Winterberg wart bin ich etwas am Skatepark unterwegs gewesen.
Sau sau gei!! Weil jetzt hab ich einen neunen Trick drauf.
Einen der coolsten die ich je von Dan gesehen hab…

Grind Seat-out nohand…
oder wie heißt denn der Trick wo man den Sattel mit der Zehe fängt korrekt?

wie wars bei euch? alle noch lebendig?

Ciao DAvid

mehr pics und clips:


you said that no brits look in the dutch forum dave but i do that should be on the euro pics

No not offend us! We are not Dutch - we are German, Austrian and from Swiss!


Moritz Hahn

Ruhrpott Unitrials


i could not read the words pictures are cool i thought this was the dutch forum and if you german,swiss anything but dutch i am sorry i was mistaken even writing this reply was guest work

Thats not so bad. We are all unicyclist and understand uni related texts even if they are written in another language. Thats cool - unicycling has so many international words and phrases, you can even talk about a thing if you do not understand it completely :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ride on,


Ruhrpott Unitrials

I think dan heaton calls this a Drop Kick grind. Great Photo’s and Video’s

Pardon my German… it looks alot like english.