Grind Rail.

This is unicycle related so I put it in RSU.

I am making a grind rail for my unicycle. I believe it is steel pipe. What should i do to it to help the slide?
Plus does anyone have any pics or movies with their own rails in it?

Please help. I want to make it like 15 inches off the ground for unicycle grinds. Maybe skateboard but probably not.
Thanks, Kelly.

Re: Grind Rail.


I would like too but i can only use this round piece cause its free. It still ok??

Anything free is ok!

Still no suggestion how to make it smooth or anything??


So all i need is alot of wax?

Should i put on my crank also??

I dunno. I’ve never tried it.

You can get a bar of wax from a CCS skateboard magizene for like $3.99

How are you attaching the rail to stands? I have a 9 foot pipe I want to do the same thing with. Post a pic when its done.

Probably something like this…

Probably something like this…

l                                                            l
l                                                            l

\ l \ l
\ \

Probably something like this…

l                                                            l
l                                                            l

\ l \ l
\ \

Didn’t work

Ill try in paint.

unicycle.1.bmp (298 KB)



you can get a box of paraffin or gulf wax at most grocery stores for pretty cheap I think it’s like 1.99 for three 3 bars or just use a candle around your house or something. I don’t think it should take much at all and I also don’t think you need to wax your crank arm.

  1. Dont wax your cranks
  2. Use a candle or skateboard wax, some waxes will make the rail sticky, or bumpy
  3. Square tubing isnt better for grinding, just a little easier, stick with the round tubing.
  4. Jess Riegel made a video months ago. HERE it is, and it consist of mostly grinds, in the rain.
  5. Confidence is a HUGE part of grinding, you have to go for it, not wimp out.

yeah don’t use any scented candles those will make it sticky and most skateboard wax is a rip off it’s just colored or fancy molded paraffin

Here’s a foto of my grind rail.

It’s from a video so not very good quality image but you can see it!

It’s made from 3" square tubing just welded together. I got it made for me at a metal workshop place nearby.

I’v never waxed it, but it does slide a bit better in the rain!

Cost me £20quid and it was their metal!

A wee homer for the guy!


forgot to attach image, here it is.

grind rail.jpg