grind plates wanted aus only

im looking for a set of grind plates for uni pedal but it has to be in aus only will pay up to $50

If you are willing to pay $50.00, go to your local department store and buy a teflon cutting board.
Lay your pedal on top of it and trace it out.
Use a cheap coping saw from the hardware store to cut it out.
If your lucky, the hardeware store will have all the items you need.
Line up the holes for your pins and drill the plates so that you can use screws the same thread as the pins and screw them on.
Make sure you countersink the screws.
Probably saved you $40.00

Or just remove the pins from the bottom of your pedals, or use plastics.

I might be able to sell you my old one, its only on one pedal but it is welded on there. just go the cutting board idea. heaps cheaper for you.

Or just take the pins out and weld some metal onto the pedal, worked great for me. just got a friend to fix it up in the school metal work area

Yay plastics!:smiley: so much easier. And you don’t get the odd time when you do land a flip trick with your waxed, slippery grindplat:( I got plastic pedals after I did a double flip to a grind and didn’t know the plate was up and tried to crankflip out and fell on my ass on the rail. It hurt. Alot:(

What?! you did a double flip to grind on a rail and tried to crankflip out?

I can picture shaun pulling that off. =p

Maybe… that would be so crazy. Catching the double flip that high off the ground to land on a rail and have your feet in that perfect position while sliding on the rail to even think about flipping again. I don’t think I believe it.

anyone got a pic of wat the plastic ones turn out like