Grind Plates? Any good tutorials out there?

Just like the title says. I don’t think it’s good to grind on the giant snafu pins, and since I’ve gotten into stuff that uses grinding recently, I’m thinking I’d like to make some plates.

Like this?

I grind with Snafu’s, just take the pins out on one side and make it your grinding side. I painted the word “Snafu” white on the pinned side so I wouldn’t have to check for the pins.


I followed that set of instructions and it worked well. After a few weks, though, I removed my grindplate because I didn’t use it (because I can’t grind and I am not currently practising it). After the summer, though, I will make another one.>Bike Parts>Pedals>kommando Pedal Grind Plate

a link for that previous post, to save navigating through site



Heeeyy, those are cool, $9.99 I wonder if they would fit a different variety of pedals?

It says they fit most platform pedals but i have gone through 3-4 different kinds before i found some that actually worked. They dont fit the Oddessey twisteds, Welgos, Jimmy C.s and I am pretty sure they dont fit the Primo Tenderizers but i havent used those. Right now I am using snafus with the kommando grindplates and and they work great.

the kommando grind plate fits primo tenderizers, but not primo balance

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