Grind plates and pedal grabs..?

I want to learn to grind this year and i have an extra 5 weeks of summer so i will :angry: ! Anywho i am currently making grind plates.I am wondering how much to they effect pedal grabs on strange surfaces grip wise?

They don’t really affect it that much. I’ve mainly got mine on to protect my pedals.

Ok I ment while doing things like natural trials any grabing onto skinnys and stuff.

Well obviously pins are gonna grip that sort of stuff better, you’ll have to get around that problem I guess.

Yeah i know it will but i am wondering how much?

I was wondering the same thing, thinuniking, since I’m going to get
WAIT A MINUTE good idea just came to my mind! What if you made…
REMOVABLE GRIND PLATES! Obviously all grind plates are removable, but like quick removal would be very useful.

yeah i firgured that probli only a few blots i am just interested ok!