Grind plate

I want to make a grind plate, but i have a problem :smiley:
I plan on making the one that i saw on the forum (“grabby grindy plate”)
But when im doing tricks, wont i land my feet on the cutting board and fall? :thinking:

And, is it removable If i dont plan on grinding at all?
here it is

I’ll sell you my Kommando grind plates…used for like…5 grinds.

I have always thought that which is why I havnt bought/made pedals with grind plates. Do you always ride with them or do you swap them out when your not grinding?

for how much? And do they have any grip on them?

Yeah, its very removable. Just take off the 4 nuts from the bolts, slide the cross memebers out the sides of the pedal, and pull the plate off the bottom. Takes all of 2 minutes. You don’t usually land with it up, because it is heavier than the top side, so the plate falls to the bottom. There are some exeptions though, so I usually take it off to do anything that involves feet off the pedals. Of course, I don’t usually do street of flatland with metal pedals.

$20 shipped, and I’m not sure what you mean by grip. You just attach them to your current pedals.

He is referring to the plates grip. He wants one like this

How removable?

I have a plasic chopping board and it works grat for pedal grabs, grinds are next :slight_smile:

I think ill just use a cutting board, but is the cutting board plate removable? or only the kommando ones?

I assume you mean no-footer/flip tricks. The thing about grind plates is that they’re heavy, so they always end up facing downwards, the whole gravity thing…but if you’re still worried, with some pedals, you can tighten how much they spin, so they’ll stay in the same position, if you understand what I’m saying.

That might no work with sealed pedals like I run the whole gavity bit.