Grind Plate

Well a little while ago I decided to leard how to grind and so I made some plates. Ive only tested them a few times, but, I am concerned that the nuts that hold the plate on with get very loose very fast. I have some Loctite 271 Permanent that I thought I would use, but I want the plates to be removable. How can I hold them in place? Ill try to put up a picture later but it wont work right now.

We don’t know how your plates are attached… where are the nuts & bolts? how far do the nuts / bolts extend from the pedal? If you show us a picture or schematic of your arrangement we’d better be able to help you.

Aside from that try some medium strength loctite (blue color)… it’s not permanent yet still does a halfway decent job of holding things in place.

Loctite shouldn’t make it impossible to remove, just a little bit harder. If you’re worried about loctite, wh not try lock washers, or lock nuts?

Well for some reason my pic wont load. Ill just leave them and if they get loose then ill deal with it.

Here is the picture. It finnaly worked.


I’d just tighten the hell out of them.

Try getting some of those nuts that have that rubber stuff on them to make it harder to put them on/ take them off. That’s what I have on my grind plate and I havn’t had any trouble with them. Although that’s one that I bought from Danscomp.

Hope that helped?


Thanks Ed.

The only worry I have with tightening the hell out of them is that I will break the plastic. I can already see is bending slightly and it’s only plastic from a hard plastic cuttingboard.

Use Nylok (Nylock? Nyloc?) nuts, which are what edsbelly meant by nuts that have rubber stuff in them. The rubber stuff is actually nylon based plastic. And put metal fender washers under them so the nuts don’t dig into the plastic grind plates.

Get enough of the nylok nuts so you can replace them when they get used and loose. When the nylon inserts get worn they won’t hold as well. Then it’s time to replace them.

Loctite would also work, but the 271 red stuff is stronger than you need. You’ll need to have good access for tools and good leverage to be able to break the bond when you want to remove them. The low strength or medium strength Loctite would be better if you want to go the Loctite route.


nylock nuts have a little neoprene washer mounted in them, and they cinch onto the bolt. I work in a hardware store and i say those would be your best bet.

Is it possible to get these grind plates of Dan’s Comp online? They sound nice. How much are they?

Um, dude, neoprene is the material used to make wetsuits. I hope you aren’t giving this advice out to customers at the hardware store…


You skipped one question, why are you using grindplates?

Why am [I]I[I] using grindplates? Ummmm… to grind…

Have you got pedals with replaceable pins? Screw out pins from one half, and use it like that. I can’t say I like grindplates, bare pedals work just fine (maybe even better).

I tried unscrewing the pins, however, the pins (and pedals for that matter) are pretty bad. The pins wouldnt come out and I stripped a few cuz they are phillips head screwdriver kind.

That completely depends on the pedal. Some pedals aren’t very beefy and will break apart after repeated impact. Other pedals are rather “spiny” and don’t slide well. Your suggestion works fine for a pedal with a lot of surface area like a JC but consider a Snafu… there’s not much to grind on there.