Grind Plate

Okay… This might be a stupid question but what is a grind plate? If it is for grinding:p then where does it go on the uni?


It goes on the pedal. it helps metal pedals slide faster and protects stuff. Somebody else might be able to give some better info I just gave a little

Go to and look in the street section it shows you how to make one.

ahh ok

you can also order them from Dans Comp. thats where i get mine. they arent expensive and last a long time.

thanks guys… i used the guide thing and made one:)

will the ones on work on the snafu’s that come on the kh??

idk but the work on dx pedals if you take the reflectors off

the snafu’s didnt have any reflectors on them…i could always use a cuttingboard or buy someoff danscomp

use the cuttingboard. i use that method, and it works great.
you can get enough material to make multiple sets (like 3 or 4 sets)
for the cost of a pair of danscomps.

do you make them like the ones at danscomp??

I made a cuttingboard one simmilar to the danscomp one, but it is pretty heavy. I slides well though.

i made the plate and bent it around my pedal and of course the next day i have to have a bad fall and break a piece of my dx pedal off:( oh well… its still rideable

Or you can just remove all the pins out of one side of the pedal and make sure that side is completely flat. That works and its free and on magnesium slides like a dream.

i like putting the plate on the pedal because the weight of it makes the sliding side always down and i can always have a grip