Grind Plate

Hey everyone, im chris.

I really need a grind plate so i can grind and not kill my pedals so badly!
Please get back to me if anyone has one for sale or knows where i can get one from!

Thanx alot, Chris!

yeah man, u can get them from, thats the one luke and max pfeifer use!!

they r good quality, but it costs a bit to ship them over !! thats the only problemo

yo dude you could just make 1 way easy;)

lol, i WAS ‘jackassonawheel’ and i have now changed to ‘chris heritage’.
Thanx 4 ur replys, and I might try n make 1.

Tom, i think i know u from the melbourne unimeet. I know max and luke anyway. were u the other guy?

Cheers! Chris.

yep, that’s the same tom, chris.

I just PM’d you filo, hope to hear from you soon.