grind pics

post up some nice grind pics please…i wanna see some pics

here’s a pic of me grinding (i hope)

clip 1_0001.jpg

Sweet pic Anthony. Here’s mine. I was just getting into them and a crank got wrecked. So once I get a new set I should have more. Its a kinked 5 and I only landed it once.

Nice pics. Are you using gring plates? (to darchibald)

here’s me doing a “?” set.

(notice the above-awesome sweater I’m wearing. This just so happens to be on the same day I smashed my face up ::cue the techno:: )

It’s a bit blurry though…I should’ve changed the shutter speed.


here’s a handrail I tried near my house… one word WAX

someone has seriously got to wax that suckah cause it was NOT slidding! So yeah, I didn’t land it.

edit: notice the other cool sweater.

failed handrail.jpg

No just snafu’s. The grinding side is missing pins. It stinks I was getting psyched to do this 7 and then my thing got stripped. There is a clearer version in my gallery, and its still on the front page. Owen sweet grind. Thats before TOque right? I thought your first attempts were there, and I thought it was nuts you were going straight for the kinked 7 haha, guess I was wrong.


Edit: That second one is sweet Owen how big is it?

yeah seriously!? What was UP with that seven set?! Why did it hate me so much?! I tottaly should’ve landed that suckah.

oh and yeah, I’m running snafus on mine too but the little grippy things on the side piss me off…they really don’t help.

edit: I have no idea how big it is… well I do have an idea around ten or bigger? or just under ten?

Nothing as impressive as that, but here’s me grinding my small funbox:

i got a heap.
but i guess everyone wants their fair share so ill keep it to 3 good ones…

dan cowling #1

dan cowling #2

me on a 9 i did. ok not so much as cool as the last 2 coz its not that great a capture.

had to: