Grind pedals

anybody know how to make good grind pedals?
I’m looking espeshaly on how so weigh them so the pin side says up :wink:

the pin side stays up. thats all there is to it. anything you ad to that side of the pedal will weigh it in that direction.

I made mine out of 1/16th thick steel plate, bent w/ a hammer, and clamped around the bars on my pedal.
I also made some that use the pinholes, I put screws through them and I countersunk the head of the bolt I used so that they end up being smooth for the most part.

Yeah i concidered that but was just wondering if any body else had any other ideas:)
(thanks for the fast reply)

I love magnesium pedals for grinding, I have yet to find a better alternative. Just take the pins out of one side of the pedal and you are good to go.

yeah, but bothering to get your feet up on the right side of the pedal is annoying. using a cutting board is another popular option.

if you use a cutting board make sure its really really thin, but unless you plan on grinding wood ledges you don’t need one. They are a pain, you always put your foot on the grind plate and then it is really slippery and you fall.

magnesium or plastics are best.

I made a grinding plate out of these thin pieces of metal with holes in them that I got at Home Depot. They were like 69 cents so I got four incase I messed up. I just benf them so they would go around one side of the pedal and up the sides. This is too hard to explain here is a pic. And the pins stay up. I mostly did this so my pedals wouldn’t die when doing pedal grabs.

I will try and get a real photo of it later.

Real Photos:

Missing a Bolt

Edit: I hope you guys can see those because I can’t.

no, we cant

I’m so dumb I can’t even put up some pictures. I put the pictures in the same way I did the paint project so I don’t know what the problem is because the pics show up in my gallery.

grinding is all about JIM c’s
they grind really well

Thanks guys.

uni.rider.13 I saw your pics :wink:
(using the link)

i used relativly heavy cutting board and because of its weight it always stays facing the ground. so you never put your foot on it. in fact it is really hard to put your foot on it.

Where could I get metal like that/ any ideas on how to shap it?

uhm well maybe the dump… or school, if u are at school and there is a tech department…

to shape it, just bend it with ur hands or in a vice… its not hard…

school won’t give me any :frowning:
and there is not dump hear any other ideas? (I could spened a fiver)